All Parts Are Welcome: Achieving Optimal Well-Being Through Internal Family Systems

Contrary to what people may believe, all therapy does not look the same. There are a wide range of theories and techniques that therapists can utilize when working with clients. This can sometimes add another layer to the feeling of being overwhelmed that clients often feel when they are trying to choose a therapist. For some people, they prefer to...[ read more ]

March Madness: How To Calm Stress and Anxiety In Five Minutes

Stress and anxiety have been deemed as the silent killer. Even with the knowledge of the many detrimental effects stress and anxiety can have on our well-being, it doesn’t change the fact that we are constantly being bombarded with stressor after stressor. While the pandemic has not helped by any means, even prior to a year ago the amount of...[ read more ]

The Eight Commandments Of Maintaining Your Health and Wellness During The Holidays

The holidays. What feelings come to mind when you read those words? Happiness, excitement, sadness, dread? While it can be exciting to think about reconnecting with loved ones around the dinner table, it can also feel extremely overwhelming when our inboxes start overflowing with holiday party invitations, Black Friday Sale reminders, and of course ads for this season’s hottest toys....[ read more ]

Vote For Inner Peace: Mindfulness As A Means To Maintaining Your Sanity During Election Season

What is the biggest trigger of stress and anxiety for you currently? For many people, the first response is “politics”. If we break down that question even further, what is it about politics that is causing you so much stress and anxiety? How much of that stress and anxiety regarding politics is specifically triggered by things like comments people are...[ read more ]

The Power of Resilience: Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Can you believe that it is already October? If you are anything like me, it seems like this year has gone by with whirlwind speed…one could even argue that it also left behind some remnants that resemble the aftermath of surviving a whirlwind. What do those remnants look like for you? For many that may include sickness, anxiety, anger, financial...[ read more ]

Why Psychotherapy Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Psychotherapy. What does that word bring up for you? Even if you haven’t personally attended therapy, chances are you have seen it portrayed on some sort of media outlet or know someone personally that has gone to therapy. As mental health is becoming destigmatized, we are hearing more and more about people’s experiences in the therapy room. With access to...[ read more ]

Let Me Sleep On It…8 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Sleep-related disturbances are probably listed as the number one general complaint my clients express. Some have a hard time falling asleep. Some can’t stay asleep. Others feel that they can fall asleep and stay asleep, but when morning comes they still feel exhausted. If you have ever experienced a pattern of sleepless nights, you know exactly why quality sleep is...[ read more ]

Mindfulness: A Requirement to Living Authentically

I’m sure this is not the first time you have heard about the importance of mindfulness. Whether it’s social media, magazines, the internet, app stores, mindfulness is all the rage. If you look at the research, there are some pretty amazing things that can happen to our brains and bodies when we implement a daily mindfulness practice. So, it’s no...[ read more ]

Inauthenticity: Why it Happens and Why I’m Passionate About It

If you have seen any of my social media posts, you’ve probably recognized by now that I preach authenticity over and over again. So, why am I so passionate about authenticity? As they say, therapists are the wounded healers. Some people are surprised to hear this. We tend to fall into the trap of associating “expert” with perfection. I think...[ read more ]

The Inner Marriage

“I tried to change myself so many times to live up to your expectations. And yet you still slept with someone else because you’re never satisfied with what you have.” I’ve heard variations of this statement time and time again in my office. Society and individuals around us have plenty of theories on why people cheat. I’m sure you have...[ read more ]

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