After the Honeymoon is Over

As we continue with our segment on betrayals in couples, today we are taking a deeper look at affairs that occur within the context of an "unhappy" relationship. One could argue that “scandal” is the word that sums up 2018. While these scandals vary in their transgressive flavor, affairs are at the top of the list. It seems like we...[ read more ]

“That Doesn’t Count as Cheating”

Over the next few weeks I will be constructing posts that focus on relationship betrayals. Throughout this series, we will look at what exactly is a relationship betrayal, reasons that betrayals occur, and how to strengthen romantic relationships. Our first segment is going to look at what exactly is a betrayal. It is very common for couples that I see...[ read more ]

The Importance of Weekly Therapy Sessions

I recently had the honor of contributing to a blog post created by Soul-Centred Psychotherapist and Eating Psychology Specialist, Jodie Gale.  In honor of National Psychotherapy Day (September 25), the article focused on the importance of weekly therapy sessions.  I was so excited to write on this topic as my experience with clients has shown that those who attend weekly sessions...[ read more ]

Freedom From the Effects of Trauma

It is very common for people to feel anxious or apprehensive about going to therapy. By the time my clients find themselves in my office, this anxiety may have delayed them for years in giving themselves permission to ask for help. If they have never been to a therapist before they are probably wondering what exactly happens in the therapy...[ read more ]

The Aftermath of Childhood Trauma

Last week we looked at what exactly is trauma and how do we know if our brain perceived an experience as traumatic or not? This week we are going to look at how adults with unresolved childhood trauma are typically affected. When I meet with clients I assess a variety of aspects of their lives. One of the areas we...[ read more ]

Trauma…What Does it Mean?

Trauma is often misunderstood, minimized, and masked by physical and emotional symptoms.  Over the next three weeks, we will take a deeper look at trauma.  Specifically, we will look at the difference between negative and traumatic memories, how trauma affects adults, and what trauma recovery therapy looks like. When you hear the word trauma what comes to mind?  For many...[ read more ]

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