Self Exploration

Who are you? What is your true calling in life? What parts of yourself do you hide from the world?

This may be the first time that someone has asked you these questions or given you the space to explore these questions. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to respond with, “I don’t know”. This unfamiliarity with our true selves can lead to anxiety, depression, mood swings, impulsivity, and a general sense of unhappiness.  Or maybe you feel okay with the way your life is going but are still really curious to explore these questions and become acquainted with your true self.

During our work together, we will look at aspects of your life such as current problematic symptoms, relationship patterns, early childhood experiences, and bringing the unconscious into the realm of consciousness.  Dream interpretation is a valuable tool that we will use often to access those deeper parts of yourself that are wanting to be seen.  Client’s who tend to their dreams regularly seem to almost expedite the process of therapy as it truly serves as a roadmap for where your psyche feels you need to go to achieve healing and wholeness.

It is not uncommon to feel anxious or fearful of taking a deeper look at ourselves and beginning to live authentically. Sometimes we may not like what we see or we may fear others not approving of our true selves. Through our work together, I will be there to support you even when others may not be. When you are having a tough time finding that inner strength and self-acceptance, I will be there to help you dive deep and find those things within yourself.


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