My clients are loving and compassionate people which is why they often say yes when they mean no. They have been shown through childhood experiences or romantic relationships that others wants and needs are more important than their own. They put on a brave face but are terrified that the world will see through this smile. Beneath this smile is a core belief that there is something fundamentally flawed about them. Their inner voice says, “you are unlovable.” Paradoxically, what my clients crave the most is also what they are the most terrified of: connection, acceptance, and love.

I help individuals discover their strength and their voice. Together, we work through the painful past experiences that has forced their authentic self into exile. Once we discover who the client’s true self is, they are able to start living their life in a way that feels fulfilling, meaningful, and full of purpose.

My approach to couples therapy is also highly focused on making sure each partner is showing up as authentically as possible. Making space for all aspects of each partner is vital to ensure that the problematic dynamics that are playing out in the relationship are truly a relational issue and not an individual issue. This allows us to get to the root of their never ending conflict, heal from past betrayals, and nourish a deep emotional bond. *LGBTQIA ally**

While many clients do not know what to expect at the beginning of therapy, they can expect that I as their therapist will be present, genuine, and empowering. I have worked with an extensive number of clients and know what works. I would love to hear from you! Call me today for a free 15 minute consultation.

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